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1st EAI International Conference on Smart City Integration in Global Communities

November, 2016 | Bratislava, Slovakia




In 2016, the Knowledge driven and service led economy is well established in the world. In what concerns regional planning this led to the definition of the concept of smart cities following (Florida 2002 on the creative class) which generated an European ranking of medium sized small cities (Giffinger 2007) and also some recent very interesting discussion about governance (Deakin, 2013). Therefore the focus of the workshop in on ongoing questions about Smart cities as suggested in the list of topics below, within the strategic idea that SCs will be even more important in the future than they are now.

Contributions from authors are welcomed in the following topics:

  • Smart cities as knowledge cities
  • Concepts, typologies and theories on smart cities
  • Cases smart cities
  • Smart cities as strategy for individuals, organizations and regions
  • Smart cities as multidisciplinary science
  • Smart cities and globalization
  • Smart cities planning
  • Policies for smart cities and their actors – public, private, semi-private, national and international
  • Social issues in smart cities – multiculturalism, diversity, integration, inequality etc
  • Knowledge cities in the developed, emerging and developing countries.
  • Critical stories about knowledge cities.
  • Historical perspective in smart cities


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